Tragedy! (a new comedy)

25 Sep - 28 Sep 2019

Tragedy! (a new comedy)

Elizabeth Scales

Part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020

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About the event

In a world saturated with pop culture, selfies, narcissism, and the hunger for everyone's 15 minutes, how can one god(dess) preach to the choir of modern civilisation in an effort to reclaim power over the mortals? Tragedy! (a new comedy) is a chance for modern day mortals to meet their maker... Well, one of them anyway.

This truly uniquely absurd story centres on the tribulations of the now redundant gods looking down from the heavens over this modern world. With boredom at an all-time high and, in an effort to restore their meaning, one god has been sent down to address the mortals in a bid to reclaim power over their fates.

Tragedy! (a new comedy) is a cabaret for anyone who cannot live without their smartphone, wi-fi or their daily worship and pilgrimage to their favourite barista.

Tragedy! (a new comedy) is one hour of absurdist fun written and performed by Elizabeth Scales. Using, original Greek texts, pop culture references (including some relyricised favs), multimedia interaction and the somewhat unexpected appearance of Dolly of Partonia, Tragedy! (a new comedy) is sure to make you have a good old laugh at your first world problems.

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Wed 25 Sept, 7pm
Thu 26 Sept, 7pm
Fri 27 Sept, 7pm
Sat 28 Sept, 7pm


60 minutes


$15.00 – $25.00


The Sawtooth
35 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066
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