Dud Roots

26 Sep - 28 Sep 2019

Dud Roots

Michelle Jarni

Presented by KP Productions

Part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020

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About the event


Over the past few years, Michelle Jarni has been having terrible sex.

In Australia, terrible sex is known as a dud root. Last year, after some particularly awful sex, Michelle embraced her enigmatic alter ego, Dudley Routes, on Instagram.

Staging photo shoots with Kewpie mayonnaise and enamelled eggplants, she began sharing her awkward sexual encounters as a NSFW form of art therapy. But soon, her followers wanted to see their intimacy fails turned into raunchy art, so Michelle opened up the (pelvic) floor to anonymous submissions.

Since then, hundreds of humans have anonymously shared their bad sex stories with her under one golden rule: no names, no orgasms, just dud roots.

Join Michelle as she investigates whether bad sex is indeed the root of all evil and asks where the heck the stud roots are hiding, anyway.

Don’t worry, she doesn’t expect you to come. But she really thinks more people should.

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Thu 26 Sept, 6:45pm - SOLD OUT
Fri 27 Sept, 6:45pm - SOLD OUT
Fri 27 Sept, 8:30pm - Extra Show
Sat 28 Sept, 6:45pm - SOLD OUT


45 minutes


$19 – $20


The Studio
35 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066
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Additional Info

Warning: Contains moderate coarse language, some infrequent/low pressure audience interaction, potentially triggering content or themes, including Misogyny, Sexual References

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