The Moth: StorySLAMS

19 - 21 May 2019

The Moth: StorySLAMS

Presented by The Moth Melbourne

About the event

The Moth's StorySLAMs are open-mic storytelling competitions. Anyone with a five-minute story (on the night's theme) can put their name in the hat. You can come tell a story, or just join us to enjoy the show!

 StorySLAM tickets go live on the 3rd Thursday of each month

We hold some tickets for door sales every slam to allow for those who aren't able to access online sales.

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LOVE HURTS - February 12, 2019 Prepare a five-minute tale about a love that made you go OUCH. The agony of deferred love! The misery of good love, gone bad! The anguish of one-way love! Bring stories of your heart, kicked to the curb by the people or places or things you love...or used to love. Love that "Hurts So Good" also welcome.

ENVY - March 19, 2019 Prepare a five-minute story involving the undeservedly blessed who luxuriate in all you want. Or speak on your own jealousy causing good fortune. Bring your tales of loathing someone just because they have more money than you, more followers on Insta, or a speedy metabolism. Are you one who lets the haters aggravate or motivate you? Let's hear about it!

BLUNDERS - April 16, 2019 @ The Melba Spiegeltent Prepare a five-minute story about a time you goofed. Wax on about a gaffe, mistake, misstep or other oops. Recount a defining slip-up, blooper, or faux pas from your life and times. Recall saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, letting the cat out of the bag or other spectacularly bad decisions. /

FLAWED - May 21, 2019 @ The Melba Spiegeltent Prepare a five-minute story about pitfalls. Imperfections....a glitch that changed your course either for the better or for the worse. Times that even Beyonce couldn't say "I woke up like this." Some say the flaws are what makes something beautiful.

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Tue 19 Mar 2019, 7:00pm
Tue 16 Apr 2019, 7:00pm
Tue 21 May 2019, 7:00pm


3 hours




The Melba Spiegeltent
35 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066
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This event is 15+